Stephanie Telesco Astrology

Boise, Idaho


Astrology is the passion that informs & enriches my life.  As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer I am a translator of the symbolic language of the chart. My goal is to foster greater insight and understanding. 


Recent Blog

  • How do we connect? The 3rd House
    This month we explore the 3rd house of the birth chart.  This house is associated with communication, siblings, neighbors, early education & short trips, and where through our interactions
  • Reflecting our values – the 2nd House
    As we explore the Houses of our Birth Charts, it is helpful to remember that all of life’s activities & the ways we express them are in one of
  • The House of the Self
    This month we return to our exploration of our natal chart houses, one of the three basic ingredients that make up our birth chart – planets, signs & houses.