Astrological Self-Awareness – Saying Yes to your Life

“Astrology is the most misunderstood subject of all human knowledge. It is not about knowing your future…it is about knowing yourself.  It is about the journey of your soul through this world and what this is all about.  And it is about the process of self of self-awareness and what is true for you.”  Dr. Deepak Vidmar ¹

Interest & curiosity about astrology have grown in the past years.  It appears to have become a meme, astrological sites abounding on the internet, yet, as Steven Forrest has noted: “The majesty, emotional valence, and intellectual rigor of the astrological symbolism has often been reduced to cutesy Sun Sign formulas. “Scorpios are sexy, Virgos are picky, Aquarians wear purple leotards.”²

Your birth chart is infinitely more than your Sun sign.