Stephanie Telesco

Stephanie is an insightful astrological counselor. As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer, Stephanie brings to her craft, her rich life experience and extensive study. Based in Boise, Idaho she has fostered greater insight and understanding for clients since the early 1990's, translating the symbolic language of astrological charts.

Celebrate & Gift Yourself, You!

 As we settle into winter, reflecting on the year & as the light of the Sun in our sky wanes, consider turning inward, reaffirming your Sun, your life’s purpose, your essential truth.  As Steven Forrest affirms: “Each Sun sign represents a particular soul contract. Once we understand what kind of deal we made with the

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Your 6th House

In the past months we have been exploring the houses of our birth chart, each of which represents a separate area & specific function of our lives.  The houses below the horizon (1-6) as the first houses of our charts deal with our subjective responses to life.  This month we arrive at the 6th house. 

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Renewal through Joy!

It is to the 5th House that we turn our attention this month.  Traditionally the 5th house is associated with creativity, love affairs & children.  All three of these are creative extensions of yourself.  We can include all forms of play, dance, drama, music, hobbies, sports, speculation & gambling.  In essence, anything that you do

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How do we connect? The 3rd House

This month we explore the 3rd house of the birth chart.  This house is associated with communication, siblings, neighbors, early education & short trips, and where through our interactions with a variety of people we grow and discover more about ourselves. As Dana Gebhart notes: “ The essence of all 3rd house nouns might be

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