Stephanie Telesco

Stephanie is an insightful astrological counselor. As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer, Stephanie brings to her craft, her rich life experience and extensive study. Based in Boise, Idaho she has fostered greater insight and understanding for clients since the early 1990's, translating the symbolic language of astrological charts.

Our 7th House

Who are our Ideal Partners? As July is the 7th month of the year, it seems like a good time to return to our exploration of the houses of our birth chart, with the 7th house. ¹ The houses refer to different areas of the sky.  They speak of the actions, the places where we

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The Positive Entry of Jupiter into Pisces

We open June, just having entered the 2nd Mercury Retrograde period of 2021.  As noted in last month’s column, this is a time to attend to the “Re’s” of our world – reconsider, recreate, reinvent, reflect until June 22nd when Mercury will go direct.  Then, what we have discovered & retooled in the weeks before

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Mercury Retrograde – the “re’s” of our lives

Astrology is a study of cycles and a language that translates events in the sky seen through symbols into instructions for earth.  Robert Currey, writing for the Astrology News Service, speaks of Continuous Planetary Interaction Theory (CPI Theory) as developed by Tony Waterfall.  Currey says, “We are starting to see an elegant pattern that accounts

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Let us Celebrate our Differences

May we broaden, widen our acceptance & allow others to be.  Appreciate that different perspectives are a gift.  Imagine living in a world where everything was green?  Where everyone thought green?  Where all looked only thru green glasses? Astrology is the study of each of our individualities.  We are One, on the most profound level,

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Spring is upon us. A time of awakening.

Joanne Wickenburg wrote insightfully in her article, “Astrology and the Seasons”, “It is from the seasonal changes created by the Sun’s movement through the Tropical Zodiac that early observers of the heavens began to note the correlating agricultural change and even human characteristics of people born at different times throughout the year.  These are what

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