Delving Deeper into Relationships

The Eighth House

How do we fully merge with others? In the 8th house we deepen & enhance our feelings, skills & resources with another, becoming stronger together.  The sign on the beginning of your 8th house shows your needs vis a vis intimacy, your preferred way of sharing money & resources with others, your approach to commitment & emotional vulnerability – all of which lead to personal & interpersonal transformation.

What is your way to explore intimacy & transform yourself?

With Aries, the sign on the cusp, by relying on independent & maverick thinking.  You may rush into relationships & shared investments without thinking it through, acting first & reflecting later.

Taurus – by being steadfast, conservative & careful you are able to navigate life’s waters while being grounded & sensible.  

Gemini – by using communication, information & networking, intimacy is often created by the linking of minds.

Cancer – by using emotion, nurturing & compassion, intimacy is often due to your ability to be in touch with profound emotional undercurrents.  

Leo – by relying on creativity and performing.  You may be skilled in attracting positive financial investments, often needing to be in charge of joint finances.  

Virgo – by being discriminating, service-oriented & meticulous; sustaining relationship with .

Libra – by using analysis, negotiation, and fairness; enjoying intimacy most within a committed relationship.

Scorpio – by using intensity, power& integration; being sexually seductive or power-oriented.

Sagittarius – by relying on exploration, authority & adventure; intimacy requires honesty, fairness & freedom.

Capricorn – by being responsible, duty-bound, and status-oriented; being sexually traditional or restrictive.

Aquarius – by using ideals, friendliness & role-playing; taking a sixties free-love approach to intimacy.

Pisces – by using intuition, imagination &sensitivity; being sexually imaginative or idealistic.

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