Sorting our the Sun

In 2013, Astrologer & Author Frank Clifford, wrote a comprehensive article “What Your Sun Sign Says About You” ¹, published on the Astrology News Service ¹ website. 

Beginning with the subtitle, “The Sun Shows How We Picture and Pursue our Individual Roles in Life’s Drama”, the article continues, “…the Sun reveals our main life purpose, the core reasons behind why we’ve been born and what we’re in the process of becoming. When we express our Sun (birth) sign, we are acknowledging our birthright: the opportunity to manifest our individual life path and potential……the Sun is linked to the concept of vocation – a true and personal calling – rather than a job or career…..When we live out and personify the message of our Sun sign, we shine and feel alive…. unlike our Moon position, which reveals our instinctive reactions and our emotional temperament, we must strive to become our Sun sign – it can be a lifelong process.”

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