Your 6th House

In the past months we have been exploring the houses of our birth chart, each of which represents a separate area & specific function of our lives. 

The houses below the horizon (1-6) as the first houses of our charts deal with our subjective responses to life.  This month we arrive at the 6th house.  What is our attitude & the actions we take, when it comes to our daily domestic routines? To our health and diet? To our daily job? Do we like to work alone or with others?  Do we like to be in the background or in charge at work?  Do we have pets?  Do we like schedules? Do we like to mentor others?  The signs on our house cusps & the planets found in our houses shed light on how we can best fulfill these life experiences.

An excellent resource to learn more about the sign & planet in your 6th house & your birth chart in general is The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology,  by April Elliott Kent . I would like to share with you this month, her interpretations of one of the aspects to consider when exploring your 6th house – the sign on the cusp & your daily work:

If Capricorn is found on the 6th, “ a resourceful & tireless worker, you’re effective…as long as you have the authority to make decisions. “

Pisces on the 6th – “you need an unstructured daily routine & work that feels meaningful.”

Taurus – “steady & reliable, you’re most comfortable with a leisurely pace & a regular work routine.”

Leo – “You need to stand out at work…& to have the respect of your colleagues. “

Scorpio – “a job that allows you to be in control of your own work.”

Virgo – “ a superb technician & craftsman, versatile & good at almost anything.”

Aries – “A natural leader in the workplace…in work environments involving danger or risk.”

Cancer – “You have a gift for creating a family atmosphere in the work-place”

Sagittarius – “You need to feel that your work has meaning…a connection to what you consider your calling.”

Aquarius – “A dependable & innovative worker, you need a convivial workplace.”

Libra – “You need a social work environment & the feeling of contributing to fairness, justice & beauty.”

Gemini – “ a work routine with variety & flexibility….too much sameness will drive you nuts.”

For a deeper understanding of your 6th house, I invite you to consider how the sign on the cusp might affect the other key concepts of the 6th : service to others, schedules, pets, daily domestic routines, and your health.