A birth chart is the treasure map for your life

Stephanie Telesco

Astrology is the passion that informs & enriches my life.  As an Professional Astrologer I am a translator of the symbolic language of the chart. My goal is to foster greater insight and understanding. 

What I believe:

Each of our charts symbolically portrays our unique reality, our innate pattern, our inner design. Knowledge of our charts enables each of us to perceive those things we are able to do most naturally.

Astrological symbols are neutral. There are no good ones, no bad ones. Each of us is responsible for the way we embody our birth charts. No astrologer can determine our level of response to our birth chart from the birth chart alone. Celestial forces and human will function together in an open, synergistic relationship.

Each placement in the chart reveals the most natural and appropriate way to unfold who and what we are. A birth chart is a roadmap of our character, temperament and abilities. It can show where our power and energy is and how best to channel the energy. It is a rich, living statement full of insight, guidelines and warnings. It can help us grow and answer life’s questions in happier way, allowing us to live more fully and confidently with a deeper sense of purpose and a keener awareness of ourselves.


This is perhaps the most difficult to write – writing about myself.  And, it is good that you might want to know about your translator.

I am a “third culture kid.” I was born and nurtured in Manila, Philippines, the place I still consider Home. At sixteen, I came to the United States to Stanford University, my parents’ alma mater. At 18, I left for Spain where I spent a good part of the year at the University of Madrid. On return to Stanford, I completed my degree and earned a BA in Art History with a minor in Sociology and Spanish.

While others who emigrated to college were delighted to be free, I never shared their enthusiasm. Feeling somewhat disassociated, I realized that I needed some answers to life. For some reason, I believed there was an explanation to the turns and twists my life had taken. I looked to astrology, and at eighteen, I paid for my first reading.

In the years that ensued, I taught English as a Second Language in San Francisco, High School Remedial Reading and English in Nevada City, waited tables in Sun Valley, Idaho, became a real estate broker there, and bought a women’s clothing store with a partner.

In my early 40’s I married and left Sun Valley for Pennsylvania where I studied for and received my MS in Instructional Technology.

All this learning and my interest in astrology came into good use when I joined my husband in his restaurant in Boise, Idaho. For 28 ½ years we operated our restaurant, retiring in early 2013.

Through all these years, it is astrology that I turned to whenever I needed understanding. In the early 1990’s, I began my astrological studies. In 2006, I began consulting.

I am blessed with a husband who supports and encourages my interests, teachers and colleagues who generously share their knowledge and clients who validate our consultations.

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Professional Organizations:

International Society for Astrological Research
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