Astrology’s Place in Today’s World

This month, I hoped to continue our discussion of Astrological Houses. I believe, as each of us deals with the situations of our lives amid the Covid-19 pandemic and reopening efforts, it would be more relevant to address, what is Astrology’s place? 

”There is no better boat than a horoscope to help one cross over the sea of life.”
—Vahara Mihira

Vahara Mihira says it simply and well.  Astrology cannot cure the ills of the world or of our individual lives.  It can and does, if allowed, reflect personal potentials, ours and others.

How can each of us be our best?  Too often, this is answered by others, not by self- knowledge.  We are limited by our worlds, by the expectations of others, by our individual needs.  This is where astrology comes in. 

As a picture of the heavens, at the moment of our birth, birth charts are our treasure map with clues.  Each of our charts portrays our inner design, our unique reality, our innate pattern.  The birth chart is a road map of our character, temperament and abilities.  It shows where our power and energy is and how best to channel the energy. 

Thinking in terms of a play is one way to understand how a birth chart functions.   The Planets are the actors in the play.  The Signs are the costumes the actors wear.  The Houses are the stage settings which show where the actions take place.  The Aspects are the relationships between the actors.  Each placement in a chart reveals a natural and appropriate way to unfold who and what we are, illuminating our character, temperament & abilities.

Birth charts are rich, living statements full of insight, guidelines and warnings.  Knowledge of our charts enables each of us to grow and answer life’s questions in a happier way, allowing us to live more fully and confidently with a deeper sense of purpose and a keener awareness of ourselves and our world.  Knowing the birth charts of family members, friends, co-workers allows us to better understand them. A keener awareness of the gifts, talents & abilities of others as well as the potential challenges we might experience with them give all of us the opportunity for greater acceptance & compassion.