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Celebrate & Gift Yourself, You!

 As we settle into winter, reflecting on the year & as the light of the Sun in our sky wanes, consider turning inward, reaffirming your Sun, your life’s purpose, your essential truth.  As Steven Forrest affirms: “Each Sun sign represents a particular soul contract. Once we understand what kind of deal we made with the

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Your 6th House

In the past months we have been exploring the houses of our birth chart, each of which represents a separate area & specific function of our lives.  The houses below the horizon (1-6) as the first houses of our charts deal with our subjective responses to life.  This month we arrive at the 6th house. 

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Renewal through Joy!

It is to the 5th House that we turn our attention this month.  Traditionally the 5th house is associated with creativity, love affairs & children.  All three of these are creative extensions of yourself.  We can include all forms of play, dance, drama, music, hobbies, sports, speculation & gambling.  In essence, anything that you do

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