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How do we connect? The 3rd House

This month we explore the 3rd house of the birth chart.  This house is associated with communication, siblings, neighbors, early education & short trips, and where through our interactions with a variety of people we grow and discover more about ourselves. As Dana Gebhart notes: “ The essence of all 3rd house nouns might be

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The House of the Self

This month we return to our exploration of our natal chart houses, one of the three basic ingredients that make up our birth chart – planets, signs & houses.  The planets represent psychological drives & motivations, the signs represent the particular set of goals, values, interests & tastes that give unique individuality to the various

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Unfolding the Houses of your Birth Chart

Astrology takes the liberty of placing each of us at the center of the universe at the moment of our birth.  Our charts are a picture of the heavens, at birth, symbolically portraying our unique reality.  Knowing our charts allows us to understand more clearly what we are able to do most naturally.  Thinking in

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