Our 7th House

Who are our Ideal Partners?

As July is the 7th month of the year, it seems like a good time to return to our exploration of the houses of our birth chart, with the 7th house. ¹

The houses refer to different areas of the sky.  They speak of the actions, the places where we make choices, where life happens. 

The signs on our house cusps show our attitudes & needs in each of the areas of life.  They show how we would prefer to approach the concerns & issues of the houses & thus demonstrate our orientation towards these factors in our lives.  Planets in houses give us further celestial instructions on how to best meet our psychological needs.  

The 7th house begins the first house above the horizon line, concerned with all our one-on-one relationships including both personal & business partnerships.   Who are our ideal partners?

With Taurus on the 7th – calm & dependable, easygoing & uncomplicated, someone who is willing to stay through good times and bad.

With Libra – charming & cooperative, someone willing to compromise with you & give you the space to be you.

With Aries – independent and full of energy, someone who will stand up for you when you need someone by your side.

With Scorpio – passionate, truthful & powerful, someone who helps you understand what is beneath the façade of life.

With Capricorn – stable & responsible, someone who won’t rush you into anything, is loyal, & appreciates your support.  

With Aquarius – independent & openminded, someone who gives you your space, likely your best friend.

With Sagittarius – intellectually confident & adventuresome, someone who encourages you to laugh & see the big picture. 

With Cancer – sympathetic & nurturing, someone who helps you to be more aware & expressive of your emotions.

With Virgo – practical & capable, someone who pays attention to the details & teaches you how to avoid being taken advantage of.

With Gemini – open minded conversationalist, someone who helps you keep your mind open & become more worldly wise.

With Leo – strong & confident, someone who is willing to take charge & take care of life’s details so you can pursue your interests.

With Pisces – generous & romantic, someone who encourages you to drop self-criticism & become more fun-loving.

For a deeper understanding of your 7th  house, I invite you to consider how the sign on the cusp might affect other key concepts of the 7th : what we give to others, consciously or unconsciously & often our parent’s relationship, which as the first partnership we know, likely influences ours. 

¹Refer to June to November 2020 blogs to read about houses 1 – 6.

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