Realizing Your Life’s Calling

Your 10th House

Continuing our journey around our birth charts, we arrive at the very top of the chart, the highest point known as the Medium Coeli (MC) also called the MidHeaven, the doorway to our 10th house.  The 12 houses of our charts, as we have noted in previous articles, each describe different areas of our life experience.  The 10th reflects our career, status, aim in life, aspirations & public reputation. The focus is on the public & professional aspects of our life.  The sign on our MC gives insight into how we can realize our life’s calling. Naturally, the ruler of our MC, planets in the Tenth house & our entire natal chart must be considered to understand our 10th house fully. But understanding the sign on our MC is a good start.

How might each of you when comfortable & centered in the energy of the sign, naturally or instinctively deal with the world, your responsibilities, your public life, or profession?

Aries: In a self-assertive, pioneering & innovative way.

Taurus: Sensibly, methodically with perseverance & resourcefulness.

Gemini: With curiosity, adaptability, with quick mental responses.

Cancer: Cautiously then if you feel safe, with kindness, sensitivity & protectiveness.

Leo: In a confident, generous way, attentive to the responses you receive.

Virgo: Carefully, analytically, focusing on improving & polishing.

Libra: Diplomatically, cooperatively, gracefully avoiding conflict.

Scorpio: With passion, interested in diving below the surface, decisively, secretively.

Sagittarius: In a straightforward, spontaneous perhaps over-optimistic manner.

Capricorn: Ambitiously, authoritatively, tenaciously, responsibly.

Aquarius: With friendliness but detachment, innovatively, unpredictably, future looking.

Pisces: Sensitively, imaginatively, indirectly, compassionately.

Clearly, there’s so much more to you, your birth chart & astrology than your Midheaven & 10th house.  My hope is that the ideas presented above may spark you to expand your self-understanding & life possibilities.

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