Knowing Your Jupiter!

Last month in Mars and Redheads, we discussed the personal planet Mars and its connection with the spirit and spunk often seen in redheads.  This month we discuss the planet Jupiter, continuing the image of your birth chart as a round table around which all the parts of the self/psyche are gathered and communicating.

The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, is considered the planet of optimism, expansion, faith and good fortune.  As with every planet in our charts, Jupiter can be expressed positively as seen in generosity, an uplifting attitude toward life and wisdom.  Less skillfully, we can be excessive, lazy, and self-indulgent.

Stephen Arroyo, in Exploring Jupiter, notes that “Jupiter guides us into the future and motivates future growth and development, especially along idealistic lines.”

In her book Breakthrough Astrology, Joyce Levine, speaks of the sign of Jupiter in our birth charts as describing our philosophical values and the house Jupiter occupies telling of the area of life where we experience luck.

Jupiter in Aries values individuality, independence and self-sufficiency and is a positive placement for self-acceptance.

Jupiter in Taurus values luxury and appreciates the good life.  This is a favorable placement for attracting wealth.

Jupiter in Gemini values learning, curiosity and communication and is considered to be a favorable placement for intellectual endeavors.

Jupiter in Cancer values family, stability and security and is a lucky placement for family matters and home ownership.

Jupiter in Leo values exuberance and creativity, happiest when true to one’s own dreams and ideals and is a favorable placement for self-expression.

Jupiter in Virgo values order and enjoys accomplishment and is a considered a lucky placement for work.

Jupiter in Libra values relationships, cooperation and beauty and is a lucky placement for marriage, and all one-on-one partnerships.

Jupiter in Scorpio values depth and truth and has a potential for luck in investments or joint finances.

Jupiter in Sagittarius values knowledge and lifelong learning, and having an innate sense of optimism looks and finds the best in situations.  Considered a strong, lucky placement.

Jupiter in Capricorn values tradition and is often lucky in business and accumulating authority and wealth.

Jupiter in Aquarius values inventiveness and intelligence and tends to be lucky in associations.

Jupiter in Pisces values compassion, is attracted to pursuits that provide a direct link to universal intelligence or God and appreciates imagination and beauty.

Having explored the values Jupiter in the signs, next month we will look at the meanings of Jupiter in each of the twelve houses.