Let us Celebrate our Differences

May we broaden, widen our acceptance & allow others to be.  Appreciate that different perspectives are a gift.  Imagine living in a world where everything was green?  Where everyone thought green?  Where all looked only thru green glasses?

Astrology is the study of each of our individualities.  We are One, on the most profound level, yet we each are unmistakably unique.  A birth chart is not duplicated for 25,000 years.  “The astrology chart itself is actually a schematic: a graph that shows people’s “inner wiring”. The wiring in each of us is different. It’s not “good” or “bad”, it’s just wired the way it’s wired…. what you do with that wiring is up to you.” ¹

In the words of Austin, Texas astrologer, Lisa Young:

Astrology can give you answers, clarity, understanding, and perspective.
Astrology cultivates acceptance, compassion, and freedom.
You will fall in love with who you are and your fate.

Increase tolerance, understanding, appreciation, and compassion for your partner (even your ex), children, family, friends, and co-workers.
Give you tools to work with those challenging people in your life.
Shed awareness on major transitions in life like midlife crisis, loss, career and/or relationship change, and provide insight and timing.
Allows space for forgiveness and healing to occur of self and loved ones.
Provides a compass for living an awakened life. Flow with life’s rhythms and cycles rather than control it.
Helps you grow and evolve as a human being and soul, and gives you tools for making positive changes in your life.
Offers nourishing comfort, support, and validation.²

Consider astrology as an imaginable guide to self-knowledge and self-acceptance which will allow us to express ourselves authentically, as well a guide to understanding others, allowing us to appreciate and respect our path and the distinctly diverse paths of others. 

¹Jan Spiller Cosmic Love          ²LisaYoungAstrology.com

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