Planting by the Moon, why not Planning by the Moon?

We open March with a Full Moon on the 1st, experience the New Moon on the 17th, and welcome Spring with the Equinox on the 20th.   March ends with the first Mercury retrograde period of 2018 which begins on the 22nd.

The Farmer’s Almanac has published since 1792, “Planting by the Moon’s Phase”, an annual guide based on cycles of the Moon.  In the 2nd century AD, the astronomer Ptolemy noted that Roman Empire farmers timed their actions according to the phases of the Moon.  Grant Lewi, known as the Father of Modern Astrology, observed, “the response of human beings to planetary stimuli is among the most amazing of all of the natural phenomena being observed.”

Lunar phases, descriptive of the changing relationship of the Sun and the Moon are useful for timing, for working with the universe to create positive results. Within a twenty-eight day cycle, the Moon will have passed through eight phases, each offering a unique set of opportunities.     

Full Moon March 1st – 4th   Situations come to fruition.  Assess your efforts, determine what is valuable.  Overcome inner tension by relying on your intuition.

Disseminating March 5th – 7th   Share your knowledge and experience.  Integrate realizations gained during the Full Moon with whatever you initiated at the New Moon.

Last Quarter March 8th – 11th   Time to wrap things up, begin to reformulate.   Quiet phase of the month, time to turn inward. . Sense of something new coming.

Balsamic March 12th – 16th   Release what has been, in this time of stillness. Reflect on what has been.  Conceive new ideas and inspirations.

New Moon March 17th- 19th   The cycle begins with new perspectives. There is energy available to take action and make things happen. Dreams during this period offer insights into the nature of this new lunar phase.

Crescent March 20th – 23nd   Act on newly gained perspectives.  Begin work in earnest on new ideas and projects, expand on your intuitions

First Quarter March 24th- 26th   Productive period when you may experience challenges to your chosen direction.  To these, take action, stay your course.

Gibbeous March 27th – 30th   Fine tune what you have undertaken. Live with the decisions you have made and remain flexible so that you can overcome whatever challenges arise.

Full Moon March 31st  We end the month in the same phase as we started on the 1st of March!