The Descendant in your Birth Chart

The Ascendant, Asc, our “door” to life, was our topic last month.  This month we look across the birth chart to the Dec, the Descendant. 

Please note that as you look at the Cross of Matter, you will see that the hemispheres of an astrological birth chart are the opposite of what we see on a map.  Up is down and right is left! North is South and East is West!¹

Thinking of “the Ascendant as the point of self-awareness, the Descendant is the point of awareness of others.”  We present ourselves & greet the world through the Ascendant, but the Descendant is what we are attracted to & find in others.  “The qualities I identify as ‘me’ are shown by the sign on the Ascendant, the qualities I identify as ‘not me’ are shown by the sign of the Descendant.”²

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