August Eclipse Awakenings!

            This month in much of Idaho we will be directly on the path of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses.  There has been a great deal of discussion about the eclipses, where and when to see them, with much enthusiasm expressed.  Monday the 7th  at 12:12 pm we will experience the Lunar Eclipse.  Two weeks later on Monday the 23rd at 12:31pm will be the total Solar Eclipse. The last time we, in Idaho, were on the direct eclipse path was on February 26, 1979!

For many years, Eclipses were viewed with wonderment and fear. The ancients believing that the absence of light signified an ending, often interpreted the eclipses to be harbingers of disaster.  Demetra George, in Astrology and the Authentic Self,  noted that today Eclipses are viewed as events which “intensify and stimulate for good or bad” the points in the chart that are connected to the Eclipse point. The energy of the Eclipse released in its moments of darkness is believed to illuminate what has been hidden.

“During Lunar Eclipses shadows are cast on our own unconscious, inviting us to confront hidden fears, past unresolved situations, old traumas that uncontrollably emerge into situations.

Although Solar Eclipses are less emotional than Lunar Eclipses, they seem to affect our lives in a concrete way.  They coincide with the ‘point-of-no-return’ culminating in circumstances that call for definite measures which have a long after affect.  Actions and decisions taken will resonate long into the future and the outcome will reflect deep transformations in our lives.”

Eclipses may also represent loss and separation…”However difficult the new situation is in the beginning,  it usually represents marked improvement in the long run.” so wrote Georgia Stathis in her Starcycles Astrological Planning Book.

By looking at the areas of life represented by the house in each of our charts in which the Eclipse occurs, as well as exploring our natal planets connected to an Eclipse, each of us can understand and optimize the opportunities that the Eclipse opens.  In Eclipses, Celeste Teal, speaks of an Eclipse as our personal “Cosmic Telegram…. offering us the opportunity to break free of old habit patterns enabling us to move beyond our self-appointed limitations.”

May you each have awakenings that lead to positive experiences  this eclipse season!!