Mastering Mercury Retrograde

Mastering  Mercury Retrograde!

Astrology is a study of cycles and a language that translates events in the sky seen through symbols into instructions for earth.  In a recent Astrology News Service Article, Robert Currey reports on Continuous Planetary Interaction Theory (CPI Theory) as developed by Tony Waterfall.  Currey says, “We are starting to see an elegant pattern that accounts for the extraordinary way that life on earth is impacted by the planets..”

One of the most familiar planetary events that impacts our lives are Mercury Retrograde periods.  Three to four times a year, for approximately three weeks, the planet Mercury moves closest to the earth.  At these times, it appears to be moving backward in the sky, retracing its path.  These periods are called Mercury Retrograde.   In 2017, we will experience four Mercury retrograde periods.  In 2018 there will be three.  April 9th begins the second 2017 Mercury retrograde. 

“Mercury retrograde probably has more contradictory interpretations than any other single phenomenon in astrology…..It is such an easy scapegoat for every misunderstanding, every misplaced message or unavailable document.” So states Robert Wilkinson in his comprehensive book A New Look at Mercury Retrograde.  Indeed.  Mercury rules many things from our communications, how we talk and write, our intelligence and memory on the personal level to computers, mail, contracts, travel and transportation in the world.  No wonder there is so much confusion.  Stories abound of computer failures, travel delays, document mistakes, automobile problems, communication misunderstanding during Mercury retrogrades.  Friends who are in the computer repair business remark that their business gets brisker at these times of year.

Life does not stop nor can it, so it begs the question, what is the skillful, best plan of action for these times of year.

It is the  “Re’s” of life.  Reorganize, reconsider, redesign, reinvent, reconsider, review, rework, reevaluate, reconnect.  Take a breath, look back on what has been done in the past four months.  Patience and introspection are allies to Mercury retrograde.  Know that errors are more frequent, be more mindful and careful with documents and communication, expect delays.  Brainstorm, mindmap, get organized, take care of yourself ! With preparation, flexibility and patience you can have a good Mercury retrograde experience!

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