Awakening to our Seasons


Spring is upon us.  As we revel in sunny days and see the first buds appear, this is a time of awakening.

Joanne Wickenburg wrote insightfully in her article, “Astrology and the Seasons”, “It is from the seasonal changes created by the Sun’s movement through the Tropical Zodiac that early observers of the heavens began to note the correlating agricultural change and even human characteristics of people born at different times throughout the year.  These are what we call the Sun signs.”

She continues: “The first day of spring is experienced when the Sun’s pathway meets the celestial equator, on that day, the first day of Aries begins.  ……It is interesting to view the signs from a “seasonal” perspective to see how we live out or demonstrate the purpose of each season in some special area of our lives.  For example, somewhere in your life you are meant to be “spring”.  When experiencing another area of your life, you live out the message of “autumn”.  Likewise your life symbolizes the meaning of winter and summer, even though you may not “act out” those seasons during these particular months in the year.  ……It is important to remember that all birth charts contain all twelve signs of the zodiac which represent personal attitudes and needs symbolized by the seasons of the year.  Their particular locations in the birth chart (the Houses) determine the Areas of Life where these attitudes and needs are experienced and expressed.”

She goes on to say “….the house cusp where you find the sign Aries shows an area of your life where you are meant to be a trailblazer….  The house of Taurus in your birth chart describes the area of life where you need to display a concern for getting results in various ways…..Wherever you have Gemini in your birth chart shows where you have a natural ability to adapt to what surrounds you, to think about possibilities, to disseminate your ideas and communicate with others”.

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Shirley Soffer speaks of the “Spring” Sun signs and their connection with the seasons in her excellent book, The Astrology Sourcebook:  Your Guide to Understanding the Symbolic Language of the Stars.

“If you were born when the Sun was in Aries, you carry the imagery of spring within you; it is your psychic birthmark, an imprint of nature etched into memory.  Aries – always the first sign of the zodiac on the natural wheel is precisely about the initial, primal thrust that starts the wheel of life anew. ”     On Taurus she writes, “When the Sun is in Taurus, the ground is ripening….If you were born when the Sun was in Taurus, these images of the fullness of nature comprise your inner vision.

At the time of Gemini, we are between the seasons.  It is late spring, everything is in bloom, yet summer is not quite here…the Taurean work of the fields is done…Our mind is now free….If  you were born when the Sun was in Gemini, you carry within you these kinds of stirrings…”

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