Will This Be the Love of My Life?

The month of love is upon us!  Surrounded by hearts and chocolates, our attention, if we are open to exploration, is inevitably turned toward our relationships!

The phone calls come, asking for consultations on the person just met…will he or she be “my soul mate”.

I am always reminded of especially sage comments Steven Forrest, author and astrologer, made during a consultation in 2006:  “There is simply no manner of technological connection between two people that is so inherently wonderful and magical that you can’t make a total mess out of it with enough immaturity, unresolved issues with ex’s or our parents…there is  nothing that we cannot screw up….and there is no matter of astrological connection between two people that is so inherently terrible and impossible that you can’t make it work with enough patience, kindness, devotion and love and all the basic ingredients of a marriage or similar bond.  I would like to honor consciousness itself as the prime variable. “

Steven then went on to say that “when combined with consciousness, Astrology is able to play its natural role, which is to give us guidance, to advise us.”

In studying two charts, one can find the angles of harmony and those of friction, note element balance, look for the “glue” in the two charts, where each one might support the other and offer an opinion on the potential compatibility of the relationship.

Astrology is brilliant in shining lights through symbols, offering insights that can increase one’s own knowledge of one self, and one’s consciousness. thus improving the “prime variable”.

Recommended reading!   In an Astrology News Service Article by Jessica Murray, What to Expect from an Astrology Session, the noted astrologer and author shared some thoughts on “Can astrology tell when you will meet your soul mate?”  which included  “though your soul mate is not in the chart per se, the urge to find him might be (and because intention creates reality, this often amounts to the same thing). This urge will be stronger at certain times than at others; and that is definitely in the chart. Similarly, your spouse’s changes are not in your birth chart, but your attitude towards them is.  

Simply put, there are no other people in your chart. But there are many indicators of your relationship karma and how it is developing.”  To read more: http://astrologynewsservice.com/articles/what-to-expect-from-an-astrology-session/

Steven Forrest’s website is www.forrestastrology.com