Explore Astrology in 2019

Each of our birth charts symbolically portrays our unique reality, our innate pattern, our inner design. Knowledge of our charts enables each of us to perceive those things we are able to do most naturally.

Each placement in the chart reveals the most natural and appropriate way to unfold who and what we are. A birth chart is a roadmap of our character, temperament and abilities. It can show where our power and energy is and how best to channel the energy. It is a rich, living statement full of insight, guidelines and warnings. It can help us grow and answer life’s questions in happier way, allowing us to live more fully and confidently with a deeper sense of purpose and a keener awareness of ourselves.

This January I will be offering two Astrology classes through Boise Learns. Registration for classes begins online January 6, 2019 at www.boiselearns.org