Rejoicing in Life with Astrology

Consider astrology as an imaginable guide to self-knowledge and self-acceptance which will allow us to express ourselves authentically.  As we learn about ourselves, we have the opportunity to appreciate and respect our path and the distinctly diverse paths of others. 

Astrology is the study of each of our individuality.  We are One, on the most profound level, yet we each are unmistakably unique.  A birth chart is not duplicated for 25,000 years.  “The astrology chart itself is actually a schematic: a graph that shows people’s “inner wiring”. The wiring in each of us is different. It’s not “good” or “bad”, it’s just wired the way it’s wired…. what you do with that wiring is up to you.” ¹

celebrate yourself

it doesn’t matter
whether you’re on the edge of seventeen filled to the brim with life,
or old and grey with eighty six years’ worth of stories—
we have all been built by the same golden hands of time
and carved by the strength of memories.
a natural longing
for dreams and foresight
propel us to move forward

despite the storms of the heart or of life itself,
in all its ****, glorious grandeur.

so take time to celebrate you:
your revolutions around the sun,
your tears,
all the pieces of your glass heart shattered on the floor,
your laughter, your words,
and all your golden days.
**you are,
and always will be.                                             Written by  Tamia Philippines    www.Hello

May each of us create the peace, understanding and joy we wish for in 2019.  

¹Jan Spiller Cosmic Love