Saturn in the Houses

The last of the planets, delineating the outer limits of our visible solar system, is Saturn.

Plausibly it has traditionally been considered the planet of limitations, restrictions & rules.  Its key concepts include discipline, responsibility, ambition, wisdom, security & aging.

The sign position of Saturn in your birth chart tells of the outward expression of your inner advisor, from whom your learn how to be your own authority, & your inner taskmaster, whose critical voice needs to be heard yet overcome.

Aries Saturn Advisor: You learn to define & protect your boundaries & confidently assert yourself. Inner Taskmaster: “You are not worthy to be you so why bother to defend yourself?”

Taurus Saturn Advisor: You learn to care for what is physically yours – your body & your possessions.  Inner Taskmaster: “You will never amount to anything.  Why bother?”

Gemini Saturn Advisor: You learn to communicate effectively & seek greater knowledge.  Inner Taskmaster: “You are just not smart enough.  Just be quiet. ”

Cancer Saturn Advisor: You learn to feel safe as you nurture yourself & create home & family.  Inner Taskmaster: “You are alone & unloved.”

Leo Saturn Advisor: You learn & share joy, celebrating & expressing yourself creatively.   Inner Taskmaster: “You are nothing special, why would anyone pay attention to you?”

Virgo Saturn Advisor: You learn to be a polisher & improver of all you encounter.   Inner Taskmaster: “What makes you think you could help? You aren’t competent.”

Libra Saturn Advisor: You learn how to achieve harmony in relationships & balance in life.  Inner Taskmaster: “Life’s not fair…or just! There’s no partner out there for you.  ”

Scorpio Saturn Advisor: You learn to share intimacy, trust & accept support from others.  Inner Taskmaster:  “Others are not to be trusted.  Be cautious, don’t allow yourself to be deceived.”

Sagittarius Saturn Advisor: You learn to expand your mind & horizons.  You seek wisdom & understanding.  Inner Taskmaster: “Never trust those with other views or from other places. What you already know is enough.”

Capricorn Saturn Advisor: You learn to take responsibility for your life & confidently pursue your ambitions. Inner Taskmaster:  “You’ll never amount to anything.”

Aquarius Saturn Advisor: You learn to be comfortable in your own skin & join others in efforts for the collective good.  Inner Taskmaster:  “You don’t belong here, you are a wierdo.”

Pisces Saturn Advisor: You learn faith & compassion, making peace with life as it is.  Inner Taskmaster: “Life is scary, only believe what you can measure.”