Knowing Yourself….Knowing Your Saturn!

In our exploration of the planets in our birth chart, we have arrived at the last of the planets visible in the skies with the naked eye, Saturn.

Often referred to as “The Ringed Planet”, we can gain insight to its meaning in our psyche & impact on our lives by reflecting on this descriptor.  Saturn brings form & structure to our lives.  When we are young, we often experience Saturn as the rules and restrictions placed on us by our parents, teachers, & our communities.  Our task as we grow is to develop our own authority, which may or may not resemble what we learned when young.

“Ultimately the planet of maturity, Saturn always places a strong emphasis on hard work, decisive choices & persistence”, so notes Steven Forrest. 

How might we skillfully develop Saturn?  For this we look to its placement in our birth chart houses. The gold that Saturn can bring is:

Saturn in the 1st House – The development of a positive sense of self-assertion.

Saturn in the 2nd House – The development of a true meaning of self-worth.

Saturn in the 3rd House – The development of consistent, profound thinking.

Saturn in the 4th House – The development of inner stability & independence.

Saturn in the 5th House – The development of trust in one’s own self & in one’s own center.

Saturn in the 6th House – The development of true integrity & inner cheerfulness in all life’s tasks.

Saturn in the 7th House – The development of trust in a responsible, mature relationship.

Saturn in the 8th House– The development of emotional stability in the face of life’s uncertainties.

Saturn in the 9th House – The development of a uniquely personal view of the world.

Saturn in the 10th House – The development of trust in achievement.

Saturn in the 11th House – The development of trust in friendships.

Saturn in the 12th House– The development of trust in higher forces. *


*excerpted from Key Words for Astrology, H Banzhaf & A Haebler