February, the month of Love!

The planet of Love in Astrology & your birth chart is Venus.

Venus is very similar in size, mass & density to the Earth, closer in orbit than any other planet & is often called Earth’s “Sister planet”. Your Venus sign may thus be in the same sign as your Sun sign or at most two signs before or after your Sun sign.  If your Venus is in one of the two signs before your Sun Sign, your Venus is known as a Morning Star and she was visible on before Sunrise on the day of your birth.  If Venus is in one of the two signs after your Sun sign, she would have been visible after sunset and known as an Evening Star.  Each of the two types presents a distinct emotional temperament, sense of values, meaning, ideals and appreciation. What are the differences?

Morning Star Venus The early morning hours of the day are your hours, if you have a Morning Star Venus. Your emotional nature is fresh, spontaneous, eager and impulsive.

With the Morning Star Venus, you most likely allow your feelings to lead the way, feeling & expressing your feelings first and thinking later.  You are more experimental in your approach to connections with others.  You are likely to allow your emotions to be authentic & to be open to new experiences. Emotionally resilient, Venus Morning Star people usually recover quickly from emotional or romantic disappointment & are thus able to move onto new experiences. 

Evening Star Venus     

It is with the sunset hours that those of you with Evening star Venus connect.  You feel your emotions more deeply & intensely than a Morning Star Venus.  You are more cautious & careful about entering into relationships.  You also are often far more conscious about what you are looking for in a relationship.  You may not allow your emotions to lead the way & you usually become more privately and internally involved with your emotions & emotional life. You are not as sporty about relationships.  When you experience emotional or romantic disappointment, you may take a long time to recover and may “close down” emotionally often assuming a protective or fearful attitude toward life and relationships.

While there are many other chart factors to reconcile (Astrology is complex!) Morning and Evening Star Venus are yet another important consideration in understanding ourselves & others!