Musings on March

“….We live in a radically participatory, co-creative universe that is saturated with divine intelligence and care.” ¹

We begin the month with Mercury over halfway through its first retrograde period of 2020.  Mercury rules many things from our communications, how we talk and write, our intelligence and memory on the personal level, to computers, mail, contracts, travel and transportation in the world.  Stories abound of computer failures, travel delays, document mistakes, automobile problems, communication misunderstandings during Mercury retrogrades.  However, life does not stop nor can it, so this time begs the question, what is the most skillful, best co-creation? 

Take a breath, look back on the past months.  Patience and introspection are allies to Mercury retrograde.  Know that errors are more frequent, be more mindful and careful with documents and communication, expect delays.  Brainstorm, mind map, get organized, take care of yourself!  Focus on the “Re’s” of life.  Reorganize, reconsider, redesign, reinvent, reconsider, review, rework, reevaluate, reconnect.  Most of all ReNew!

On the evening before Mercury moves direct, we “Spring Forward”, changing our clocks forward an hour allowing the Sun to rise and set, at a later time by the clock. 

On the 19th, the day of the Spring Equinox, winter is officially behind us as we are blessed with a day of equal light & night. This is indeed a time of new beginnings as the earth awakens to a new season.  The first day of spring is experienced when the Sun’s pathway meets the celestial equator, on that day, the first day of Aries begins.

Astrology is a study of cycles and a language that translates events in the sky seen through symbols into instructions for earth.  As we move into this new season and into a new sign, look at the house cusp where you find the sign Aries.  It is here where you are meant to be a trailblazer.  May this new season bring you too, new beginnings!!

¹Read Rebecca Tarnas’s full article