How do we connect? The 3rd House

This month we explore the 3rd house of the birth chart.  This house is associated with communication, siblings, neighbors, early education & short trips, and where through our interactions with a variety of people we grow and discover more about ourselves.

As Dana Gebhart notes: “ The essence of all 3rd house nouns might be collected in a single verb: in this house we learn.” ¹  Donna Cunningham adds: “The houses show what we are attracting to ourselves by our subconscious attitudes…look to the 3rd house to see how well you make yourself understood….how do you approach your everyday mental activites & chores….how did your siblings affect you, how did you experience them…” ² 

The 3rd house does answer: How do we understand & connect with our immediate world?

To get a full idea, we must look at both the sign on the cusp of the 3rd house as well as any planets that might be in the house. 

With Sagittarius as the sign on the 3rd house, this would likely include openness to new experiences, an appetite for adventure & finding possibilities in your immediate world.  You view your siblings optimistically.  With Virgo, your precise focus allows you to see all the faults & blessings in your neighborhood & siblings!  With Aquarius, you welcome innovative ideas that are inclusive & eclectic learning opportunities. 

If Saturn falls in your 3rd house, you were a “good” student from early childhood, along with  responsibilities & caring for siblings. The Moon in the 3rd house shows an early love of learning & deep emotional connections with siblings.   A lightening speed mind characterizes Uranus in the 3rd house, often accompanied with unexpected insights.  With Pluto, a “detective’s“ mind is yours & an appreciation for research.  Your relationships with your siblings may be transformative. 

Donna Cunningham wrote: “Our Inner attitudes determine our outer realities. We can uncover these attitudes, many of which are unconscious, by thinking about the sign on the cusp of the house & any planets in the house.” ²   Best wishes as you explore!

 ¹ Dana Gebhart

² Donna Cunningham  An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness

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