The Bottom of the Heavens in your Birth Chart

This month we discuss the 4th house of the Birth Chart.  The Imum Coeli (the bottom of the heavens) is the cusp¹ of your fourth house. The sign on the Imum Coeli suggests your beginnings in life, your cultural & parental influences, what you need for security and relationships within your home & family life as well as what  you need to develop in your deep self. It is also considered to be the closing years of your life & what you seek for old age.

What do you keep protected & secluded from the rest of the world?  Emotionally & physically, how would you describe your preferences for your home?  To learn this, let’s look first to the astrological sign on the 4th cusp.

With Capricorn, the natural take charge grounded sign, security & responsibility are hallmarks of your deep self, although as a child you may have the experience of family life imposing strict rules on you.  Often a person has the childhood experience of having to be in charge at home, perhaps taking care of younger siblings.  Nurturing from parents may have been in short supply. There is often a guarded caution of showing one’s emotions, as well as a need to build a secure home base. 

Aries, the take charge by taking action sign’s home would likely have been characterized as full of activity, energy and movement.  Strength, bravery, independence & individualism would likely have been encouraged from a young age., vulnerability & showing one’s emotions avoided.   You secure your identity in the home & may be quite territorial or protective of your home life. 

Peace & harmony at home are essential when Libra is on the 4th.   Your home is your sanctuary, something that your deep self needs to thrive.  Beauty & balance are essential for your wellbeing. Often you are the peacemaker in your family. As Libra is the sign of partnership, home life is best for you when it is shared. 

As Howard Sassportas wrote in Direction & Destiny in the Birth Chart  “The idea is that each of  us should try to discover our pattern.”²  Exploring the signs on your birth chart enables greater self-discovery!

¹The imaginary line that separates the houses in your Birth Chart.

²Howard Sassportas, Direction & Destiny in the Birth Chart