Renewal through Joy!

It is to the 5th House that we turn our attention this month.  Traditionally the 5th house is associated with creativity, love affairs & children. 

All three of these are creative extensions of yourself.  We can include all forms of play, dance, drama, music, hobbies, sports, speculation & gambling.  In essence, anything that you do or create, in order, to both discover & express your creative individuality, can be described by the sign on the house. The 5th house as also been described as the house of our inner child.  Think back, what were your pleasures as a child. What was fun? 

As an adult, one’s creative self-expression often is influenced by the reactions of others.  Happiness in the 5th house involves “the ability to act out one’s innermost nature….with no personal concern for the fruits of the action.” ¹   How free do you feel when you express yourself?

Much can be learned by noting which of the 12 signs you find at the beginning (cusp) of the 5th house?   

With Scorpio, you prefer creative expressions that allow you to explore depth and passion, as you seek to both transform & heal through your leisure activities and creations. You may choose to keep your creations private due to your emotional sensitivity. 

As a Leo 5th house person, pleasure arises when you shine your light, sharing celebrations, your creative output & hobbies.  You likely have a natural affinity for children, as they encourage & reflect your own inner child.  

If it is Taurus on your 5th house, calm, relaxed creativity is preferred to being the life of the party.  You likely enjoy life the most when you are stable & financially secure. Joy comes from leisurely often sensual enjoyments, such as music or sharing great food with close friends & family. “The ability to let loose and play with the enthusiasm, creativity and the freedom of a child is the fifth house in its truest form.” ² Through the exploration of your 5th house, may you more fully understand & discover greater joy.   

¹The Astrological Houses Noel Tyl