The Imum Coeli in your Birth Chart

Aries I.C. – Initiating, pioneering & competitive.

Taurus I.C. – Deeply sensual, stable & a true nature lover.

Gemini I.C. – Inquisitive, communicative & versatile.

Cancer I.C. – Nurturing, vulnerable & protective.

Leo I.C. – Generous, entertaining & playful.

Virgo I.C. – Helpful, detailed & a polisher.

Libra I.C. – Social, cooperative & considerate.

Scorpio I.C. – Healing, probing & complex.

Sagittarius I.C. – Adventurous, truth-seeking & optimistic.

Capricorn I.C. – Organized, ambitious & attaining.

Aquarius I.C. – Progressive, altruistic & independent

Pisces I.C. – Imaginative, spiritual & empathetic.

The aspect of our inner psyche representative of our core self and a few of its possible expressions were listed above.  In addition, the I.C. also speaks of our early childhood, our family & its effects on us, our inherited origins & the homes we prefer.   Our attitudes toward security, deep feelings & our emotional roots including our preferences for our physical homes are also described by the sign of our I.C..  In learning about our I.C., we can meet the essence of ourselves.  And in our greater awareness of what is within us, we are able to reclaim those parts of ourselves – a key to manifesting best our highest aspirations!

¹The Book of Houses by Howard Sassportas