Knowing Yourself…..Knowing your Mars

Continuing the image of your birth chart as a round table around which all the parts of the self/psyche are gathered and communicating, this month we will discuss the planet Mars.

How do you take action?  Mars tells of our drive and will, how we go after what we want.  It provides answers to the question of how we get what we want.  Renowned astrologer Monica Dimino noted, “Mars is the first planet that we express after birth. Mars is what you will first recognize in a newborn or a young child.”  In the years since, I have found this gem of knowledge to be infinitely true.  Think of this in regard to your childhood memories of action.

She continued:  “Mars is our self-defense, how we keep alive on planet earth, it is our power planet. It is the symbol that motivates our actions the most, day in and out, year after year. Its sign and position describe how we compete in the world, how we assert ourselves.”  ¹ 

Mars is in the same sign for 2 months or as long as 7 months, and will return to a position every 2 or so years.  A child born on the first of this month, June, a Gemini by birth, (your Sun is in Gemini), will have their Mars in the sign of Aquarius.  Had the child been born in 2017, their Mars would be in Gemini, and were they to be born in 2019, their Mars would be in Cancer.  Each of these children would take action in very different ways!

How do Mars signs express desires and take action?

Aries Mars – overtly, impulsively, impatiently

Taurus Mars – steadily, conservatively, stubbornly

Gemini Mars – flexibly, verbally, capriciously

Cancer Mars – sympathetically, indirectly, self-protectively

Leo Mars – dramatically, expressively, arrogantly

Virgo Mars – modestly, dutifully, analytically

Libra Mars – diplomatically, collaboratively, indecisively

Scorpio Mars – passionately, powerfully, secretively

Sagittarius Mars – energetically, honestly, idealistically

Capricorn Mars – cautiously, authoritatively, patiently

Aquarius Mars – eccentrically, individualistically, objectively

Pisces Mars – sensitively, empathetically, subtly

As with all planets, the position of Mars in your natal chart, describes the arena of life where you focus your actions.    By knowing your Mars, your self-knowledge and thus your effectiveness in life is able to more easily grow.

¹Monica Dimino “Another Look at Mars” Norwac 2006