Knowing Yourself….Knowing your Sun

It is said that 90% of people in America know their Sun signs.  Many read advice columns based on the position of the Sun sign, “tabloid astrology… a vast over-simplification of a noble ancient art.” (Smithsonian Magazine January 2016)

The birth chart is a map of the heavens at the moment of birth.  In addition to the Sun sign, there are the six personal planets which describe parts of the self.  Each planet is associated with a sign and the sign tells how that part of the self, expresses and acts.  It tells of its characteristics.

Picture your birth chart as a round table around which all the parts of the self/psyche are gathered.  How do they all get along?  Do they support each other?  Do they disagree? 

Your Sun sign is key to understanding what gives you vitality, it is your central organizing principle, describing what makes you feel alive and shine.

Imagining a creative response to your Sun, then to shine as an Aries Sun is to be the pioneer, for Taurus – the grounded one, for Gemini – the communicator, for Cancer – the nurturer, for Leo – the generous one, for Virgo – the polisher, for Libra – the collaborator, for Scorpio – the healer, for Sagittarius – the optimist, for Capricorn – the competent one, for Aquarius – the individualist, for Pisces – the visionary.

Mercury describes your communication, listening & learning style.  It provides answers to the question of how you speak and what you hear, how you process & understand information.  Mercury is always either in the same sign as your Sun, or in one of the signs closest to your Sun.

Imagine you are an Aries Sun with your Mercury in Pisces, the Pioneer with the mind and mouth of the visionary?  Or an Aries Sun with your Mercury in Taurus, the pioneer with the mind and mouth of the grounded one?   Where a Pisces Mercury can imagine and is more flexible with understanding information and others, the Taurus Mercury likes facts and plain talk.

Your Sun and Mercury placements are further modified by their position in the chart.  Each chart is divided into 12 pie shaped areas that we call houses, fields of life experience. Where do you like to shine (Sun) and where and about what are you most comfortable communicating (Mercury)?

By knowing your Sun and your Mercury, you can more easily understand yourself, facilitating communication and easing life!