Lunar Illuminations Over the Years

Last month I spoke about the relationship at birth of the Sun (life purpose) and Moon (the actualization of our life purpose) in birth charts.  As outlined in September’s post this lunar birth phase describes our initial approach to life, our energy and type of personality.

The Sun and Moon move at different speeds with the Sun completing one degree in about a year and the Moon completing a degree in a month.  Known as the Progressed Lunar Phase, each of the phases lasts approximately 2 ½ to three years and every thirty years we return to our natal phase.  Depending on the degree relationship of our birth Sun and Moon, each of us will experience each of the phases at different times as we age.

The Progressed Lunar Phase cycle illuminates the best practices for the current phase. 

During a Progressed New Moon, while yet in the dark, most begin a new phase of their lives.

In the Crescent Phase, old practices and values fall away.  New opportunities present themselves and inspiration encourages new approaches to life.  The light is still faint, and a new direction is upon us.

The Progressed Third Quarter, with more light visible, is a time for taking action.  By instinctively and creatively moving forward, one ends the period grounded in the new direction.

The Progressed Gibbeous Phase is the period of time for fine tuning.  What was begun is improved upon and refined.

At the Progressed Full Moon, the structure has been built and it is time to look forward, to creative change.  Often this is a turning point in the work of the prior fifteen years.

This prior period of growth, marked by the Progressed Full Moon, is followed by the Progressed Disseminating Phase, beginning a more internal period, in which the experiences of the prior phases are integrated and then shared.  This phase leads into the Progressed Last Quarter, a time to review, and reflect on the wisdom that has been gained.

The final phase is the Progressed Balsamic Phase, a time of letting go.  The future is sensed often accompanied by a desire to move forward.  Best used, this is a time of meditation, of inner searching, a time for allowing, creating the new space needed for the next Progressed New Moon.

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