Progressed Moon in Declination



Stephanie Telesco Astrology night sky

In the last two posts we have explored the meaning of the relationship of the Sun and Moon, first in one’s birth chart, next in one’s current (progressed) chart.

We now turn our attention to the Progressed Moon in Declination.  Rarely discussed in mainstream astrological books, the path is illustrated when one creates the declination graph which notes and dates significant life events succinctly.

Astrologer Paul Newman states: “In a nutshell, declination is a form of latitude rather than longitude.  It is the measurement of planets north or south of the celestial equator, which is the Earth’s equator extended into space.” 

Over the years of our lives, our planets move from their original birth declination position.  The most significant movement is seen in the Progressed Moon.  Over one’s lifetime, the Progressed Moon will reach its highest Northern declination and lowest Southern declination several times.  These times are noteworthy, reflecting important life events. As well as these, the crossing of one’s Progressed Moon over the celestial equator on its journey north and south notes important life changes. Anytime a planet reaches the celestial equator is a life turning point, echoed by a notable life experience.

Astrologer Karen Christino documented the comments of the late Astrologer, Al H. Morrison on the interpretations of the movements of the Progressed Moon in Declination.  “On the upsweep, the individual is optimistic, thinks well of himself and is encouraged…..On the downsweep…don’t think well enough of ourselves and so we hinder ourselves…  And here the astrology can help…if you can show the client that he’s at or near the bottom of the cycle, on his way up, the encouragement that comes from this simple astronomic fact is worth all the tea in China.”

To read the full article by Karen Christino on Al H. Morrison’s lectures refer to the National Council for Geocosmic Research Magazine or her book entitled The Best of Al H. Morrison.

Next,  we will explore Out of Bounds planets!