Out of Bounds!

To be born during the time when the Moon is “Out of Bounds” or to be in a period of life when one’s Progressed Moon is “Out of Bounds” is significant.

Picture a baseball game with the referee exclaiming “OUT OF BOUNDS”!!!!  The baseball has gone out of the limits of play, it is beyond the boundaries.  Similarly, when a natal Moon or a progressed Moon is Out of Bounds, the person acts as if he/she is beyond the limits of normal constraints.

To be born with an Out of Bounds Moon means that the Moon is located high in the northern hemisphere, or low in the southern hemisphere by declination.  It is a Moon that is above 23ºN28΄ or below 23ºS28΄.  The importance of this position relates to the Sun and its declination path.  The Sun never moves past 23ºN28΄ or 23ºS28΄.  If the Moon is within the Sun’s maximum declination degrees, it is under the Sun’s gravitational hold.  When the Moon moves past these degrees north or south, it is then “out of the King’s sight, broken the rules, no longer under Daddy’s thumb” ¹. 

“In my opinion planets that are out of bounds describe the ability to function outside of the box.  These positions often describe those with an intense need for personal freedom; lateral thinkers; original artists; people who are not bound by normal conventions and the rules of society; and sometimes people who are just lawless.” ²

The Out of Bounds Moon is “spontaneous, emancipated, liberated” ¹ resulting in great creativity and success or in its darker, less humane side, lawless behaviors. Albert Einstein, Pema Chodron, Augosto Pinochet, Leonard Nimoy, Jimmy Hoffa, Oprah Winfrey, Sigmund Freud, Henry David Thoreau, Ken Kesey, Woody Guthrie are a few well known people with the Out of Bounds Moon in their natal charts.

When a progressed Moon goes Out of Bound, it is a time to tap into potentials, to go beyond perceived limits, to explore creative solutions and open up to new ways of thinking and acting.  A time to march to the beat of your own drummer.

There are some years where many babies have Out of Bounds Moons, related to the 18.6 year cycle of the Moon reaching maximum declination.  1913, 1931-1932, 1950, 1969, 1978-1988, 2006 are the peak years for Out of Bounds moons.  In each of these years however, in keeping with the inconstant nature of the Moon, it varies week to week.  Individual calculation is needed to verify!


¹The Book of the Moon, Steven Forrest

² Alice Portman http://aliceportman.com/what-is-out-of-bounds/