Venus Out of Bounds!!

Beyond the limits of normal constraints, was the beginning description of the Out of Bounds Moon in our column last month.  Marching to the beat of one’s own drummer, one with an Out of Bounds birth Moon is a lateral thinker, creative and open to liberated or lawless behaviors.  If one’s Moon moves Out of Bounds during one’s life, these are times to open to new ways of thinking and acting, times of creative thoughts and actions.  “The moon is, among other things, related to our emotional expression informed by our early-life conditioning…..out of bounds Moon folks will display outside-the-box expression in that arena – most predominantly through their feelings….with out of bounds Moons… strong and “unusual” feelings compel them to take actions that others find unusual, strange, ahead of their time, and for that reason, leave a mark.” ¹

The planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are able as well to be Out of Bounds both at birth and through one’s life.  Mercury relates to our communication, mental patterns.  Venus relates to our desires and to our attractions in relationships and in art.  Mars relates to our actions and reactions.

This month we explore Venus, Out of Bounds.    What do we find beautiful, what do we crave? 

“Some folks with an out of bounds Venus will have tastes that seem unusual to “normal” people. I’m using “normal” here as an entirely contextual word – complex and based on culture, upbringing, current social context, etc. The point is that an out of bound Venus person may be compelled to take action in the world based on their “unusual” likes and dislikes (relative to others), and for that reason, they’ll stand out in a way that we can clearly see and measure….with Venus out of bounds, one’s desires are potentially expressed without limits, and the person is less likely to be curbed by “normal” checks and balances.”¹

“But not all out of bounds planets express as unusual, odd or groundbreaking. Some manifest as “unbounded” or “unchecked” in terms of their reach, and seem to have more freedom for personal expression. with Venus out of bounds, one’s desires are potentially expressed without limits, and the person is less likely to be curbed by “normal” checks and balances.” ¹

In the research by Tony Howard, he has observed a number of interesting life patterns shared by notables with Out of Bounds Venus.  These include Multiple Marriages (more than 4 marriages-Judy Garland and Gregg Allman), Intentionally Single  (Florence Nightingale, Erik Satie), Gay Icons  (Robert Mapplethorpe, Liberace), Seriously Younger Lovers (Dean Martin,53, spouse 23), Boundary-Pushing Artistic Expressions (Björk) and follows with “As a teaser, here are a few more categories that are emerging from the research: Male Casanovas/Sex Symbols, Notorious Love Affairs, Unusual/Exotic Beauty, Zany Art, Quirky Looks, Pioneering Women, Sexually Open Relationships”. ¹

Having an Out of Bounds Venus is an important moderator in one’s nature and behavior.  As with all astrological factors, it is wise to consider this Venus within the context of the whole birth chart as each of us always has free will in our expressions of our desires and attractions.

¹  Tony Howard