Musings on 2021

During this first month of the new year, I would like to share with you some excerpts from The Astro Moon Diary 2020 & the 2021 Diary, words that I hope will inspire you in the days to come.    

At the Winter Solstice on December 21st, Tchenka wrote: ”The Aquarian conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn sounds a Word that heralds a new mindset, a moment from which a consciousness of interconnectivity on all levels will start to shape, pattern and inform future developments…The Age of the Individual has passed.  We have no choice but to think in terms of our relationship with others, to be part of a greater Whole.  Collectivity and connectivity rule!

The Year Ahead 2021 began with, “After ten or so years of disruption and disillusionment, we no longer know who or what to trust.  Over these years, Pluto’s transit of Capricorn and Neptune’s transit of Pisces have conspired together to undermine the foundational stability of much that has been taken for granted and even to make us doubt the evidence of our own eyes. ….Pluto and Neptune maintain their sign positions this year, implying that there is further to go in this process and more to learn about the very  nature of what we have long understood to be fundamental Reality….

Against this background, there are signs that 2021 is a year when a constructive response can begin to manifest on the most abstract of levels…..Jupiter’s influence will encourage exploration and expansion whilst Saturn’s antithetical influence of contraction will simultaneously serve both to test the efficacy of old patterns whilst also enabling the formation of new group structures that more accurately embody currents needs and understandings.  The quest is on to make sense of this all!”

She continues to say: “It is when Jupiter and Saturn first square up to Uranus in January and  February that creaking, cracking, even breaking of the “bones” on any level will raise awareness of changes that need to be made….The following months hold an opportunity to reconsider the effectiveness of any relationship between the old and the new.”

And she ends speaking of Neptune: “It must be vitally important to attune to Neptune’s highest vibration, that of the compassionate Oneness of all living beings that can only be sensed through the human imagination.  Feeling, empathy and intuition must be valued as much as logic and rationality if the world is to become a better place.”

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