Gift Yourself on Valentine’s Day by Honoring Venus, your Goddess of Love & Prosperity!

For each of us, the astrological sign of our Venus describes how we like to give and receive love, what relationships we enjoy and desire.  Venus also shows how we spend our money, the types of gifts we buy, and how much we spend on leisure activities. Venus reveals what we are attracted to, what we find beautiful, how we shine.  Venus always appreciates being fulfilled! 

Howard Sasportas in the Inner Planets notes, “the symbol of Venus resembles a hand mirror……what you value is a reflection of who you are.  By defining your values, desires and affinities, you give greater form and definition to your unique and individual identity.”

Venus in Aries values individuality, independence in self and others, likes to act. Shines assertively.

Venus in Taurus values material comfort and beautiful objects, likes to savor. Shines reliably.

Venus in Gemini values variety and learning, likes to communicate. Shines versatilely.

Venus in Cancer values nurturing and closeness, likes to comfort. Shines sensitively.

Venus in Leo values creative vitality, likes to shine.  Shines dramatically.

Venus in Virgo values details, careful craftwork, likes to improve.  Shines analytically.

Venus in Libra values peace and harmony, likes to collaborate. Shines diplomatically.

Venus in Scorpio values intense emotions, likes to form deep connections. Shines seductively.

Venus in Sagittarius values adventure, likes to explore. Shines optimistically.

Venus in Capricorn values material security, likes to be self-reliant. Shines responsibly.

Venus in Aquarius values individualistic freedom, likes to be unique. Shines innovatively

Venus in Pisces values intuition and kindness, likes to be imaginative. Shines compassionately.

As you reflect on the description of your Venus in its sign, imagine new ways to express your Goddess of Love.

Venus is never more than 48 degrees from the Sun in every birth chart and will thus be in the same sign as your Sun, or in any one of the two signs before or after your Sun.   As a Valentine’s gift, if you would like to learn your Venus sign, email me your birth date and I will email your Venus sign!!

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