Sun sign Decans

Most of us begin our exploration of our astrology by learning about our Sun signs.  Many of us may not relate to what we learn and wonder why.  We may meet others with our same Sun sign and find them so different, that we may question the validity of astrology. 

A fuller interpretation of our Sun sign includes its DecansĀ¹.  There are various traditions of dividing the astrological signs.  One of the most used and interesting is the division of the 30 degrees of each sign into three periods, each of which is ruled by a sign & planet and thus describes different ways or qualities that the Sun sign may be expressed.  Imagine each Sun sign is a different color.  By adding the Decan, we add a different shade thus nuancing the expression of our Sun sign.   Rather than 12 Sun signs each with a distinct nature, we now have 36! 

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