Sorting our the Sun

He continues by noting, “I link the Sun to the development of character process….. The embracing of character (the Sun) leads to healthy self-esteem and a path of integrity and wholeness…”

I was particularly delighted when he expressed the importance of Sun sign knowledge in our interpersonal relationships in this paragraph: “ Another point to consider is that we spend much time cautioning Aries to slow down or pushing Taurus to get moving, without recognising that we get the very best out of the signs when we play to their strengths and allow them to work in accordance with their own natures. There is also much wisdom in the theory that we attract the people and situations that enable us to become more of who we were born to be. Gemini encounters misunderstandings and people it cannot relate to in order for it to become the communicator and interpreter it is destined to be. Taurus gets pushed around early on (or has to fight to keep hold of what belongs to it) in order to help it develop a stubborn resistance to others’ influence and to form strong principles it can attach itself to. Libra finds itself surrounded by conflict in order to sharpen its skills in diplomacy, and from an early age Libra is often forced to make agonizing decisions, so the process of making the right choice becomes all the more important.”

He ends with: “My advice to all the zodiac signs?  We should all take our lead from lyricist Johnny Mercer, who urged us to:  Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and …don’t mess with Mister In-Between.”  Great advice for all of us!!


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