Stephanie Telesco

Stephanie is an insightful astrological counselor. As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer, Stephanie brings to her craft, her rich life experience and extensive study. Based in Boise, Idaho she has fostered greater insight and understanding for clients since the early 1990's, translating the symbolic language of astrological charts.

Will This Be the Love of My Life?

The month of love is upon us!  Surrounded by hearts and chocolates, our attention, if we are open to exploration, is inevitably turned toward our relationships! The phone calls come, asking for consultations on the person just met…will he or she be “my soul mate”. I am always reminded of especially sage comments Steven Forrest,

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Stay Calm and Call Your Astrologer!

Stay Calm and Call Your Astrologer When? Jessica Murray, astrologer and author,in “What to Expect From an Astrological Consultation”  on Astrology News Service  has written what I consider to be one of the best explanations I have found!! Should I change jobs, continue a relationship, take a vacation, get married,  sell my home, buy

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