Stephanie Telesco

Stephanie is an insightful astrological counselor. As an OPA Certified Professional Astrologer, Stephanie brings to her craft, her rich life experience and extensive study. Based in Boise, Idaho she has fostered greater insight and understanding for clients since the early 1990's, translating the symbolic language of astrological charts.

The Buzz on Astrology!

In the last months, as Gloria Star noted in her Mountain Astrologer magazine column, there has been an “upswing of astrology themed features and discusssions…astrology is suddenly trendy again”. The year began with a New York Times article appearing January 1, 2018 in which author Amanda Hess writing “How Astrology Took Over the Internet” lists

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Gift Yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Gift yourself on Valentine’s Day by embracing and indulging your Venus!  Venus is each of our Goddess of Love.  Howard Sasportas in the Inner Planets notes, “the symbol of Venus resembles a hand mirror……what you value is a reflection of who you are.  By defining your values, desires and affinities, you give greater form and

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Venus Out of Bounds!!

Beyond the limits of normal constraints, was the beginning description of the Out of Bounds Moon in our column last month.  Marching to the beat of one’s own drummer, one with an Out of Bounds birth Moon is a lateral thinker, creative and open to liberated or lawless behaviors.  If one’s Moon moves Out of

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Out of Bounds!

To be born during the time when the Moon is “Out of Bounds” or to be in a period of life when one’s Progressed Moon is “Out of Bounds” is significant. Picture a baseball game with the referee exclaiming “OUT OF BOUNDS”!!!!  The baseball has gone out of the limits of play, it is beyond

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